Arm chair

We have a wide range of armchair suitable for commercial and home use. Our armchairs come in a various design, colour and materials. Do contact us if you need any armchairs furniture.  

      F&B chair

We have a wide range of F&B dining chairs to cater to your F&B business needs. Our F&B dining chairs come in various design, colour and materials to match your coffee shop, canteen, tuckshop, café, restaurant, eatery interior design theme. They can be from full polypropylene to wooden frame to cushion seat or leather seat type. Do contact us today for a consultation on the F&B dining chairs you need.  (All available chair colours might not be on display so call us to enquire!)

F&B Chairs – Dining Chair
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F&B Chairs – 388
  • Multi-purpose table
F&B Chairs – Baby Chair
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F&B Chairs – EIBFF2

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F&B Chairs – EIBFF3

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F&B Chairs – EIBFF4

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F&B Chairs – XRB085

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F&B Chairs – XRB106A
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F&B Chairs – XRB053

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F&B Chairs – XRB096C

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F&B Chairs – XRB2003A

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F&B Chairs – XRB106B

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F&B Chairs – Metal Dining Chair
  • GS Foldable Bench
F&B Chairs – XRB098

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F&B Chairs – PP Navy Chair

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F&B Chairs – XRB037

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F&B Chairs – XRB039
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F&B Chairs – EIBFF1

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      Folding chair

Folding chairs is great for the additional guest you need to host. When you do not need them, simply fold them up and tuck them away in your store room.  

      High bar chair

Bar tables and chairs are perfect for café and even home. We have a range of high chairs and stools at the right height for our bar tables. Do contact us if you need any customise high bar furniture.

High Bar Chair – E43
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High Bar Chair – E307 / E308
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High Bar Chair – XY1238
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High Bar Chair – XRB2005D
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High Bar Chair – E854
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      Plastic side chair

Our plastic side chairs are suitable if you are looking to provide seating for a large crowd at reasonable budget. Our plastic side chairs are durable and sturdy. They can be stacked up to 20 pieces for easy storage and easy to move around and rearrange. They are usually used in Coffee shop, canteen, school halls, public events area etc. Not all plastic chairs are created equally but based on your budget and usage, we can recommend you most suitable chair.

      Relax Chair

We have a range of foldable Recliner Chair / Foldable Relax Chair / Outdoor relax chair / Adjustable Recline position relax chair. Do call us to find the kind of relax chair you need.

Relax Chair – BC001
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  •  F&B furniture singapore
Relax Chair – A100 Foldable Bed
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Relax Chair – 806
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Relax Chair – 721
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Relax Chair – LB704
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Relax Chair – SC704 Shell Chair
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Relax Chair – E607A Hong Kong Bed
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Relax Chair – VC48
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Relax Chair – V8

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Usually stools are more compact and provide additional seating to be inserted for big tables. Most of our stools are stackable which means you can stack the stools up and tuck them away when you do not need them. Our stools come in various material, size and colour.

Stool – E001
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  •  Furniture for Bar
Stool – SST21
  •  Multi-purpose table
Stool – RS19
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Stool – Hardboard Stool
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Stool – E002
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Stool – Fiberglass Stool
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Stool – FT250
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